Calculate How Much You Owe Your Mom For Giving Birth to You

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Mother's Day is Sunday, May 13. If you're still struggling with what to give your mom, the American Coalition for Labor Reparations may have the perfect gift idea for you. The ACFLR, a fictitious organization created by the Mother New York ad agency, has created an online tool to help you calculate exactly how much you owe your mom for giving birth to you, using very precise criteria.

The calculator factors in the amount of time your mom spent in labor, the amount of weight she gained carrying you, the number of alcoholic beverages she missed out on, and the stretch marks she incurred, and even gives you an 80 percent deduction from the total amount if you turned out to be a good child.

The ACFLR also posted a comical mock video of moms talking about what they went through during pregnancy, labor, and delivery. So far, the video has gotten more than 5,000 views in the three days since it was originally posted.

People on social media are calling the fake campaign hilarious and saying that it definitely sheds light on how much moms do to give birth. One person praised the ACFLR and tweeted that it is a "brilliant idea." Another person called it "our duty" to repay mothers for their pain and suffering.

If funds are in scarce supply in your neck of the woods, a verbal thank-you may suffice, at least for this year.


If it seems as if your efforts to find a job are not going in the right direction, maybe you should try renting a billboard to help you stand out from the crowd. That's exactly what a 22-year-old Minnesota man did to get hired, and it seems to have been his "it" factor.

Bennett Olson lost his job at a casino in March. So he decided to spend $300 on an 8-second time slot on a rotating billboard. The billboard featured a giant picture of Olson with block lettering that read, "Hire Me!" The ad stayed up for only 24 hours. So what does Olson have to show for it? He landed a new job.

After about a month of interviews, Olson says he found a great position at a 3D scanning company. Olson's website included his resumé with links to his Twitter account, information about his billboard, contact information, and one of his favorite quotes by President Abraham Lincoln, "Whatever you are, be a good one."

Olson's creativity and ingenuity prove at least one thing is for sure -- it can really pay off to make yourself as visible and accessible as possible when competing in the job market.