Car parked in crosswalk turns out to be a big surprise

Car parked in crosswalk turns out to be a big surprise

Each day, dedicated crossing guards make sure the children in their communities get to school safely. But sometimes, they themselves need a little assistance.

Nathaniel Kendrick became a crossing guard years ago after he retired from a job with the city of Dallas. Every morning and afternoon, he helps the children of his community get to and from school safely. He then returns home to his ailing wife.

Due to the mounting expenses from his wife’s illness, Kendrick’s car was recently repossessed.

So local parents, who are grateful that Kendrick keeps their children safe every day, stepped in. A group of dads who are part of the Friends of Lakewood community group gathered to help him in his time of need.

In a video that has gone viral, the dads park a car in a school crosswalk, and Kendrick asks them to move it.
"He's asking us to move the car, and I'm going, 'Well, it's your car... why don't you move it?'" said one father.

In the video, it is apparent just how speechless Kendrick is when he recognizes their kindness. You can hear someone say to him, “You deserve every bit of this.” The kind act is a true example of a community taking care of each other.