College students perform perfect Beyoncé routine at airport

College students perform perfect Beyoncé routine at airport
Mia Fitzharris

Bored while delayed at the airport? Take a page from the book of a group of college students and dance it out.  The University of Oregon Acrobatics & Tumbling Team was stuck at the San Francisco International Airport for 13 hours following a meet at Azusa Pacific University. To combat their boredom, team members Erika Schaefer, Brooke Gansemer, Jalen Kirkland, and Nicole Seybold perfectly performed a choreographed routine set to Beyoncé’s hit “Flawless” right on a moving walkway.
Kirkland posted the video to her Tumblr page, and it has received more than 300,000 notes — that’s Tumblr talk for getting a whole lot of attention.
She told Yahoo News, “After being told that the plane wasn’t quite ready to take off, the team (and everyone else on the plane) got off the plane and headed back into the airport. After 13 hours in the airport, we decided to have some fun, and that’s how that video was made. We knew there were a few bystanders videoing us all around the airport, but we had NO idea the video would get so much attention!” Kirkland says that the routine was something that her teammate Nicole Seybold learned from watching an Instagram video. There’s no amount of boredom that little bit of Beyoncé can’t fix!