Community Unites to Raise Over $250,000 to Build Wounded Warrior’s Dream Home

U.S. Navy bomb disposal expert Taylor Morris, 23, lost portions of all four of his limbs on May 3 after stepping on an IED in Afghanistan. Miraculously, Morris survived the explosion and returned to his hometown of Cedar Falls, Iowa. The people in his community even organized a hero's parade to welcome Morris home.

Morris has been fitted with prosthetic arms and legs and has made tremendous progress in his rehabilitation in just a few short months since the explosion took place. Although his medical bills are covered, his friends and family started the Taylor Morris Recovery Fund website to help raise money to make one of Morris's dreams come true. Morris is a lover of the outdoors and has always wanted a log cabin by the lake. His girlfriend, Danielle Kelly, has been by his side every step of the way during his recovery. The two have been saving as much money as they could so that they could build their dream cabin by the lake together.

Here's where Morris's story turns extraordinary. The website the Chive published a story about Morris's dream and invited people to make contributions toward his log cabin, setting the goal at $30,000. But after just 12 hours, donations had already exceeded $143,000. Donations have continued to pour in and have surpassed $250,000.

Morris and Kelly have plans to use the donations to build their dream cabin so that they can get back to doing all the activities they love.

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