Compilation of Vines one dad records every week of his Saturday morning with his daughter

The premise of Vine is repetition: 6-second videos on an indefinite loop. So it makes sense that a father would use the social network to showcase how his Saturday mornings can play out like in "Groundhog Day."

Tony Serafini, a father of two in Central Massachusetts, uploads videos to Vine under the username "Bottlerocket." The 38-year-old has attracted over 322,000 followers on the site with clips of him and his family simply joking around. But now his popularity has transferred to YouTube, as a compilation of Vines that he recorded over a three-month period has gone viral.

"We started our Saturday morning Vines right around Christmas time," Serafini said in an email. "My wife brings my oldest daughter, 7, to dance class, and I have an hour before my youngest daughter, 4, goes to dance class. My kids have a Spotify playlist, and they make me play it while they dance and play, usually starting at 8 in the morning!"

The playlist has songs you would expect to hear on pop radio by artists such as Carly Rae Jepsen, Demi Lovato and Katy Perry. So every Saturday morning over that three-month span, Serafini would record a Vine of his daughter singing and dancing to these songs.

"I always try to catch her doing funny stuff," he said. "Of course, I add the grumpy face to exaggerate how tired parents usually are in the morning, while having their coffee."

The video has clearly resonated with others. "One man's Saturday morning... for 3 months" has been viewed over a million times on YouTube.

"I'm completely shocked about the YouTube video!" he remarked. "I'm so happy because I think some parents can totally relate to it. My family and friends are extremely proud."

His daughters love making the videos, although Serafini does not let them browse the Web save for his Vine page. Now that he is gaining popularity on a different platform, the father is hoping to start a weekly vlog for dads.