Cop Does 360 on Teen's BMX Bike

Cop Does 360 on Teen's BMX Bike
·Henry Baker

Cops and teenagers don't always get along, especially when it comes to activities like biking and skating. The preponderance of " Skateboarding Is Not a Crime" signs is an example. A YouTube video out of the city of Wyoming, Minnesota, though, is disproving the idea that teens who engage in extreme sports and police are natural enemies. It would appear, in fact, that some cops know their way around a BMX bike and can do sick stunts that might make teens feel sheepish about their own talents.

The video was posted to YouTube a few weeks ago by user Benny Milam and is titled "Cop goes biking." In it, an officer can be seen jumping a bike off a ramp and kicking out the back wheel with flair, and also doing a well-executed 360-degree turn on his back wheel. It is obviously pretty impressive to the kids checking it out. The video made it big on Reddit, where commenters loved the unlikely stuntman. One person, claiming to be from the town, wrote, "The place just opened at the beginning of the summer and this cop is frequently there, always hanging out with the kids and hopping on bikes. It's pretty cool to see! He hands out baseball cards to the really young kids. I effing love baseball cards." Not bad, officer, not bad.

The video on YouTube has already gotten more than 450,000 views, although most of the comments focus on one thing, and it's an important lesson for those seeking to make viral videos everywhere. Film your piece horizontally! One of the top comments reads, "Can people please stop with the vertical videos?" We agree. Let this high-flying BMX cop get his due in full, horizontal view, please.

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