Couple’s Amicable Breakup Video Goes Viral

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Neil Sedaka famously sang that breaking up is hard to do, but one Brooklyn couple is taking that notion and turning it on its head with another catchy tune. Jonathan Mann and Ivory King dated each other for five years, but they recently came to an impasse. Mann wants to have children sometime in the future, but King does not. The two decided that it was in their best interests to part ways, but they did so agreeably. To prove just how amicable the breakup is, King and Mann made a music video about it and uploaded the final product to YouTube.

The video, titled "We've Got to Break Up (Song a Day #1435)," is a playful but serious assessment of what led to the demise of their relationship. In some of the most striking lyrics the couple pour out their emotions to the YouTube world and sing: "We still love each other, but this train has stopped. We just needed you to know, we've got to break up, though this really sucks."  The video is heartbreakingly honest as Mann says that he would ultimately resent King if he stayed in the relationship and she was unwilling to have children. In the description section of the post, Mann writes that he appreciates all of the love and support he has gotten during this trying time in his life.

The breakup video -- part of Mann's Song a Day project -- is quickly evolving into a viral sensation, with more than 650,000 views so far. Some commenters are hoping that the couple will work out their issue, with one person writing, "awww it's sad, they look so cute together ... hope she changes her mind and gets back with him." The video is instigating blog posts all over the Web too, with people conversing about modern gender roles and the art of the amicable breakup.

King and Mann joined Trending Now via Skype to discuss the status of their relationship and the making of the video.

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