Couple Lets Facebook Poll Decide Their Baby’s Name

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When a couple finds out they're having a baby, they usually start coming up with a list of names. Some people ask family and friends, others surf the Internet,

some people turn to Hollywood and pop culture for the trendiest names. One couple is bucking the usual trends by getting their baby name from Facebook. A couple in Illinois decided on the name Cooper for their soon-to-arrive baby boy. However, when their doctor revealed they were actually having a girl, Dave and Lindsey Meske decided to use Facebook to name their baby. Last fall, the Meskes launched an online poll titled, "Name My Child" in which family, friends, and even strangers could weigh in on a name for the baby. The poll included four names that the couple had narrowed the choices down to: Addilyne, Madelyn, Emily, or McKenna. So why did the couple choose social media to help them with such an important task? Between the two of them, they could not agree on a name. Dave said watching the poll change every day was addicting and that he checked it nonstop. He even compared it to "watching the stock market ticker." So which name won? Madelyn Rae Meske was born January 31. "Madelyn" edged out "Emily" by just 45 votes, receiving 1,310 votes. "McKenna" came in third, and "Addilyne" received the least number of votes.