Couple Meet in Real Life Five Years After Connecting on “Halo”

Melissa Knowles
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When most people look for love online, they turn to common dating websites such as eHarmony and, but one couple found unexpected love in a Halo chat room.

Five years ago, in the virtual lobby of the game Halo 3, Cady Harris of Houston, Texas, met Will Jarman of Cleveland, Tennessee. Harris told ABC News that they played games for hours at a time and later friended each other on Facebook. The relationship progressed from there.

At first, they communicated only through the game, but eventually the chatting moved to online dating. Harris said her parents were skeptical at first, but then her mom spoke with Jarman on the phone a couple of times and she really liked him.

Harris says she and Jarman chatted for three years on Xbox, Myspace, Facebook, and Skype. When the two saw each other for the first time on Skype, their friendship quickly blossomed into romance. She wrote, "Once we talked 'face to face' we hit it off as a couple from then on."

In a video, the lovebirds, who had yet to meet in person, can be seen at the George Bush Airport in Houston embracing each other. The video has tons of fans on social media. One Twitter user wrote, "Got to say this is super cute." The video, which has been viewed almost a million times, has received mostly positive comments, with many wishing the couple well, noting how happy the two look, and encouraging the pair's long-distance love.

Though the video was filmed by Harris's mother and uploaded to YouTube in March, a Reddit user recently posted it to the online forum, where it began going viral on Monday.

Harris told ABC News, "When you're online dating it's nothing physical. You have to actually just get to know the person for who they are. I've known him for five years, met his family, his friends. I know him for who he is. You get to know the person for themselves, not their looks, just for them."

Harris and Jarman are now engaged, but they have not set a date. The 18-year-olds think they're too young to tie the knot, but they already have their parents' approval. In fact, in August, both sets of parents will meet for the first time when the Harris family travels to San Antonio for Jarman's brother's graduation from the Air Force. Meanwhile, we wonder who's beating whom on Halo.


A couple of weeks ago we told you the story about the prankster who tried to get singer Pitbull sent to the remote town of Kodiak, Alaska, as part of a Wal-Mart and Sheets energy strips contest. Well guess what? The prank worked, because Pitbull is heading to Kodiak.

The contest, "My Local Wal-Mart," is sending Pitbull to the Wal-Mart that received the most "likes" on Facebook. After writer David Thorpe, who works for the blog Something Awful, got thousands of people to vote for the remote town of Kodiak, Pitbull posted a video on YouTube saying he'll go anywhere for his fans and that he's excited to go.

But it does not end there. Not only will Pitbull journey to Kodiak, he's also invited the prankster who instigated his trip. The only problem is, we're not sure who's going to pay Thorpe's way and neither is he.

So Thorpe may not be going to the concert he helped bring to Kodiak. He tweeted that it might be hard for him to go there since allegedly neither Pitbull nor Wal-Mart has offered to cover his trip. Thorpe tweeted, "Anyone in Anchorage or Kodiak have a free couch for a broken, brandless man?"

There's no word yet if a generous stranger has offered to let Thorpe crash at his or her place. Congratulations to the town of Kodiak on claiming the grand prize.