Dad Sings 'Let It Go' Parody to End All 'Let It Go' Parodies, Literally

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Idina Menzel’s “Let It Go” from the Disney movie “Frozen” won Best Original Song at The Academy Awards last weekend. We’ve seen everyone from kids to traffic reporters both cover and parody it. Jimmy Fallon and The Roots even gave it their trademark classroom instruments treatment, complete with Menzel singing.

But short of John Travolta singing the song under the Adele Dazeem pseudonym, the parodies really should cease. It appears this whole thing has jumped the shark after a father posted a new parody pleading others to “Let It Go.”

Musician Scott S. Kramer wrote “A Frozen Father” because as he wrote in the video‘s description, “he’s fed up with ‘Frozen’!” Joshua Elliot performs the parody.

“It's in my head, it's in my dreams, this freaking song is haunting me,” he confesses to the tune of “Let It Go.” “I've had enough, this has to stop. Please make it stop.”

With that he launches in to the chorus singing, “Let it go! Let it go! “Can't hear it one more time.”

The parody has over 46,000 views and a lot of parents are talking about it. Apparently Kramer isn’t the only father who has children that are forcing him to listen to the song on repeat. The comments section has turned in to a support group of sorts for parents who are just tired of the track. Kramer plays the role of moderator and consoler.

Kidding aside, the songwriter notes that the parody was “made with 100% love for everyone involved in making such a great animated film! We're actually big fans!”