Dancing Korean Baby Takes YouTube By Storm

Dancing Korean Baby Takes YouTube By Storm

Move over, Psy. There is a new Korean dancing darling of YouTube.

She may be just a toddler, but this adorable child's dance moves are clearly just what the Internet needed this week. IMAX's YouTube channel uploaded the video Tuesday. In the 52-second clip, the girl and her brother stand in front of a TV while a dance song plays in the background. The track is called "I Got My Eye On You" by the production group Nari & Milani, along with Cristian Marchi. It features vocals from singer Luciana.

The girl's brother really does not get into the act too much, instead deferring to his sister. She wastes no time in the clip boogying down, literally. YouTube commenter Erlisa Wong wrote, "new dance style has [been] born" when she saw the toddler squat down and shimmy her hips and arms downward. It almost looks like she is trying to scoop something off the ground.

"That is so cute!" wrote Lisa Eckman. "I like how she taps her brother on the shoulder and is like … 'come on brother dance with me.'"

There is a lot of "cute" and "adorable" posted in the comments section, and rightfully so. The video, "What a dance by a chubby Korean baby!" has more than 397,000 views. It even grabbed the attention of rock band Aerosmith (currently touring in Russia), whose official YouTube channel liked the video.

And if you would like an update without actually having to pull up the music video, Psy's "Gangnam Style" is still the most watched YouTube video ever. It is closing in on 2 billion views.