Diner patron pays for deserving waiter’s new smile

Mia Fitzharris

For most people, a good tip in a restaurant is 20 percent, but one patron in Wichita, Kan., went above and beyond the normal gratuity guidelines.
Fred Boettcher, a lawyer from Oklahoma, was in town eating at the Doo-Dah Diner and had Brian Maixner as a waiter. He was struck not only by how proud Brian was of his job but also by the fact that the hard-working waiter was in need of dental work. Maixner says he could never afford to fix his teeth. “It started out as I got a chipped tooth, and then it spread, and then after that I just couldn’t keep up with them.”

Boettcher pulled Brian’s boss aside and told her he would like to pay in full to have Brian’s teeth fixed. “He carried himself with such kindness and confidence with a mouth that looked painful,” Boettcher said.  “I was struck by that.” When Maixner heard about the generous offer, he cried.
A month after Boettcher’s offer, Brian showed off his new set of teeth. The before-and-after photos speak for themselves:


And Fred Boettcher, the man who made it possible, had this very inspirational advice to offer:  “No matter what religion you might be or whether you even believe in an afterlife, the way to be satisfied in your life is to be kind to everybody and be as generous as you possibly can be.”
Brian says his new smile is the biggest tip he’s ever received, and one that has changed his life forever.