Dog Becomes Guide-Dog to Blind Canine Sibling

Melissa Knowles
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Guide dogs are not just for humans anymore. Nope. Visually impaired dogs apparently use them, too. That's the case with dog buddies Eddie and Milo. Eddie is a 7-year-old black Labrador. His owner, Angie Baker-Stedham, of Cardiff, Wales, noticed that the dog was losing his sight last year when he started walking into walls and trashcans. Milo is a 6-year-old terrier mix. He had always been close to Eddie, and he took on a new role with his friend -- guide dog.

Baker-Stedham said that Milo became a guide dog all on his own, without any training whatsoever, and now will help to get Eddie whenever she calls for him. Milo wears bells on his collar so that Eddie can find him at all times. There are times when Milo even pulls Eddie along on a leash as they walk. Baker-Stedham said, "Milo really cares for Eddie. He always licks his face; they sleep in the same room and spend all their time together. Without Milo, Eddie would be lost."

She also says that the two dogs are now practically joined at the hip, and their bond is like one of two brothers. She told the Daily Mail, "Before Eddie went blind, they both used to chase after dog toys, but now Eddie relies on Milo to help him play, and they love going into the woods."

Baker-Stedham, who has three children of her own and has fostered 61 children over the past nine years, says that the two dogs help create a family environment in her home for everyone who lives there.

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