Dog Rescued from Junkyard Helps Other Rescue Dog Recover

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A captivating animal rescue video from Hope for Paws is gaining millions of views and in the process probably has a few people in tears.

Eldad Hagar of the Los Angeles-based nonprofit posted the footage. First, a dog living in a trash pile is seen. The dog rescuer received an urgent call about the animal after she had been found homeless and living among garbage for months. At first sight, the outlook for this dog does not look good. She appeared ravaged and was found to be suffering from mange, parasites, bacterial infections, and malnutrition. Medicated baths would be needed to help her heal.

After some reluctance, the dog climbs in to Hagar's car and they travel to the Veterinary Care Center. Hagar nicknames the dog Miley.

With the proper treatment and a little rest, Miley begins to noticeably improve. But the story of second chances is just beginning. Hope for Paws then introduces us to another dog, Frankie.

The black Chihuahua, who was rescued from a drainpipe with the help of the organization's Lisa Chiarelli, is introduced to Miley weeks later. At first, Frankie is timid. But Miley takes a liking to her new friend, and soon Frankie begins responding to her.

The video ends with the two dogs kissing and playing around.

Hope for Paws handled Miley's veterinarian care. She is now looking for permanent adoption through the Fuzzy Pet Foundation. Another group, the Forgotten Dog Foundation, is trying to find Frankie a permanent home. The video of the heartwarming rescue and recovery has received more than 8 million views.