Dogs' Puzzled Reaction to Magic Trick Entertains Millions

Dogs' Puzzled Reaction to Magic Trick Entertains Millions

Jose Ahonen is a Finnish magician who is racking up millions of YouTube views with a new video in which he pulls a "hidden-treat trick" on dogs. Yes, even puppies can fall for sleight of hand, and their reactions to Ahonen's antics are pretty hilarious.

The premise is simple: Ahonen kneels down in front of each canine with a treat in his hands. But as soon as the dog moves to grab it, the biscuit suddenly disappears. From at least one angle, it looks as if Ahonen pulls the treat into his right sleeve. None of the pets notice this.

Details of the trick itself though are insignificant. The driving force behind the 5 million views this video has received is the fashion in which the dogs react to Ahonen. Most dogs immediately look in each direction and then begin sniffing downward to see if they can find the hidden treat. A couple pets start walking around in circles. One pup barks at Ahonen, and another licks him. However Gado, one of the dogs, might have the funniest reaction. After the biscuit goes missing, the dog frantically walks in a circle and then in multiple directions as he sniffs his paws.

In the video's description, Ahonen notes, "By the way, all the dogs got treats before and after the trick." He also says that a sequel is on the way.

"Magic for Dogs" went live Friday. In addition to the millions of hits, the one minute 48-second clip has received about 38,000 likes.