Domino Enthusiasts Set Up Epic Display Knocking Down More Than 300,000 in 10 Minutes

Domino Enthusiasts Set Up Epic Display Knocking Down More Than 300,000 in 10 Minutes
·Henry Baker

Making a truly awesome display of dominoes requires attention, patience, and an ease with the fleeting nature of the work you are creating. You spend hours, sometimes days, making intricate lines, structures, and shapes that will hopefully fall down in a smooth, wavelike motion. And for this, you get only a few minutes to actually see the thing in action. Of course, this task becomes a lot easier when you know that you might end up with a Guinness World Record when it's all said and done. That is exactly what happened for the Sinners Domino Entertainment team in Germany.

Over eight days, a team of 12 builders set up "Enjoy Your Life," the record-breaking display. The setup consists of several themed areas, including ones devoted to travel and to sports. In each, different structures, like pyramids, or even shelves, are employed to elevate the fall of dominoes to more than just one plane of existence. The main event is the world's largest domino spiral, though. Containing over 55,000 dominoes, no spiral has ever successfully knocked down all of them in succession. As can be seen in the video, it went off without a hitch.

More than the dedication and creativity, though, is the sheer enjoyment of the clickety-clack of each domino hitting the next and the stunning sweep of motion that can be seen as gravity takes its toll throughout the display. It's a truly hypnotic and amazing work of art, and now it's gone. Such is life, and dominoes.

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