Dove’s “Choose Beautiful” campaign proves beauty is a choice

Mia Fitzharris
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Dove is back at it with yet another powerful and viral video. As part of its new “Choose Beautiful” campaign, it traveled to San Francisco, Shanghai, Delhi, London and São Paulo to see how women perceive themselves. In all the cities, the team set up two entryways into the same building. One was labeled “average,” the other “beautiful” — giving the women the choice of which would best fit them. The results may or may not surprise you. Most of the ladies who were given the choice picked “average”; one woman explained that choosing beautiful was “out of reach.” A mother in the video is seen leading her daughter toward the “beautiful” door.

Dove said of the message in the ad: “Women make thousands of choices each day — related to their careers, their families, and, let’s not forget, themselves. Feeling beautiful is one of those choices that women should feel empowered to make for themselves, every day.” The video on YouTube has already been viewed more than 700,000 times in just one day.

Dove is no stranger to viral marketing campaigns. Its most successful one, “Dove Real Beauty Sketches,” debuted on YouTube in April 2013 and reeled in more than 65 million views!