Elevator Prank Sparks Terror Among Unsuspecting Passengers

Melissa Knowles
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Many pranks are just light-hearted attempts to poke fun at someone and maybe elicit a few laughs. But some of them are meant to be terrifying. One recent gag performed on the Brazilian hidden-camera show "Programa Silvio Santos" definitely falls into the scary category.

The clip, called "Ghost in the Elevator," shows unsuspecting people boarding an elevator. The lights start to flicker and then go off altogether. In the darkness, a creepy-looking little girl enters the elevator through a hidden door. When the lights come back on, the passengers can see the child, who seems to have appeared out of nowhere.

People's reactions are priceless. Several people attempt to not look at her or just ignore the girl, perhaps hoping she'll disappear. Others visibly recoil and make their way toward the far corners away from the little girl. Their sense of panic is noticeable, and when the girl lets out a scream, that's when the real fun begins.

Some bloggers have called the gag "the scariest elevator prank ever." One person praised the little girl's horror-movie-worthy performance, writing, "Her hair, that little doll, her clothes, and her screaming? Absolutely amazing."

The video was uploaded on November 25 and has attracted more than 1.6 million views so far -- and that number is steadily increasing.

This video will certainly make all who watch it a bit more cautious the next time they step into an elevator.

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