An Epic iPad Rip-Off, A College Pool Party Makes Waves, and Sinead O’Connor Looking For Love on Social Media

Adriana Diaz
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A South Carolina woman thought she was buying an iPad for dirt-cheap, but ended up with a block of wood. According to a police report, two men approached 22-year-old Ashley McDowell in a McDonald's parking lot to sell her a new iPad for $300. They explained they were able to offer her a discounted price because they bought the iPad in bulk. McDowell made the purchase after negotiating the men down to $180 (a steal compared to paying at least $500 in the store). But when McDowell came home and opened her new gadget, which was in a FedEx box, she found nothing more than an iPlank: a dressed-up block of wood. The "tablet" screen had black tape around the perimeter and small square-shaped iPad icons such as Safari, mail, and photos taped to the front. After discovering the fake, McDowell called the police and filed a report. As you might imagine, social media aren't being kind to the victim or the criminals in this case. One person tweeted, "Idiots. Everyone involved." Another was surprised that the thieves created such an obvious but complex replica. One tweeter put a positive spin on the situation, saying the fake iPad is "actually kind of awesome found art." Do you think McDowell has a right to press charges? Tell me on and Twitter @AdrianaTweeting!

Facebook was designed to bring people together, but sometimes it works a little too well. Over the weekend a Colorado State University back-to-school pool party got completely out of hand. Almost 3,000 people showed up (that's 10 percent of the university's student body). Believe it or not, the partiers didn't crash. They were all invited on Facebook! If you make a Facebook invite public, the public might actually show up. Videos of the party are popping up all over YouTube. Police shut down the party and charged several people with assault and disorderly conduct. This isn't the first time we've seen parties and Facebook butt heads. In June, we told you about a German girl's Sweet 16 party attracting 1,400 guests.

Lastly, Sinead O'Connor is looking for love in all the social media places. The 44-year-old Irish singer is using her personal blog, Twitter, and Facebook account to land a man. We can't list all of her demands for a romantic partner because they're a little racy, but we can tell you that O'Connor's wants a man who doesn't use hair gel, is at least 44 years old, has stubble, and isn't named Nigel or Brian. If the search hasn't landed O'Connor a man yet, it sure has landed her attention. In under a week, she went from fewer than 1,000 followers on Twitter to more than 4,000. So who is O'Connor's dream man? According to her blog, either comedian Dave Chappelle or actor Robert Downey Jr. Sorry Sinead, they're both married.