‘Extreme Couponing’ Leads to Arrests, Rapper ‘The Game’ In Trouble With Police Over Tweet, and San Francisco Transit Gets Hacked

Adriana Diaz
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Extreme couponing is becoming extreme stealing. Bargain hunters across the country are reportedly stealing newspapers for their money-saving coupon inserts. The thieves may have been inspired by the popular show Extreme Couponing on TLC, where people save thousands of dollars by coupon clipping. One woman in Arkansas is being charged for stealing 185 copies of her town's Sunday paper for the coupon inserts. The woman, who is a member of a coupon club, says she didn't think she was breaking the law because the papers were left outside a grocery store for pick-up. Newspaper thefts for coupons have been reported in Alabama, California, Florida, Utah and Texas. Here's how the shtick goes in many cases: a person will insert enough coins for one newspaper at an automatic roadside stand, and once the door is open he or she will steal all of the coupon-filled newspapers in the stack. Some coupons from stolen papers even end up for sale on sold on eBay. It's become such an epidemic, that newspapers are going to extreme measures of their own. They're offering rewards for tips on newspaper thieves and moving Sunday papers from outside stands to inside stores.

L.A.-based rapper "The Game" is in trouble with police over a tweet. Friday evening a tweet was sent to The Game's 580,000 followers providing a phone number to call for fans to inquire about music internship. That number, however, was actually the help line for the Sheriff's Office in Compton, California. For about three hours, the Sheriff's office was flooded with calls. One Sheriff official said it was as if there had been an earthquake or shooting spree. The Sheriff's office even sent The Game a tweet, saying the calls were preventing them from getting to real crimes. Compton's Captain Mike Parker tweeted, "@TheGame Plz delete Tweet off UR wall of phone# that begins with 310: #LASD #Compton #Sheriff This is compromising public safety." The Sheriff is investigating the stunt, which could lead to criminal charges. The Game told TMZ that he wasn't the author of the tweet. He says he was at a photo shoot when the tweet was sent and that his childhood friend had his twitter-enabled cell phone at the time. After deleting the tweet in question, the rapper tweeted, "Yall can track a tweet down but cant solve murders ! Dat was an accident but maybe now yall can actually do yall job !!!!"

The latest victim of the notorious hacking group Anonymous is San Francisco's Bay Area Rapid Transit (a.k.a BART). An official statement from Anonymous, posted on Tumblr and Twitter, said they broke into MyBART.org and accessed the names and e-mail addresses of 2,000 BART commuters. The group said the hack was in retaliation for the transportation officials disabling BART cell phone service for three hours last week to curb protests after a man was shot by a BART officer. The move was widely criticized on social media, where some compared the Golden Gate city to Egypt by tweeting, "#BART cut off cell service during protests and it's fine. Egypt did it and our gov called it tyranny." What do you think of BART's cell phone disruption and Anonymous' hack? Tell me on Facebook and Twitter!