Father Posts Poignant Video of Daughter Who Passed Away

Father Posts Poignant Video of Daughter Who Passed Away
Emily Scharnhorst


A few days before her 13th birthday, Anna van Keulen sat down at her family's piano, and as her father filmed, she performed the theme music from "Downton Abbey." It was a private show for the ones she loved.

The video of her playing is about four and a half minutes long, and when Anna is done, her mother cheers and her father thanks her for the performance.

The support and love in this young girl's life were captured that day, in a video that Anna's parents will, no doubt, forever treasure.

A few months after Anna's concert for her parents, she was struck by a car while riding her bike. She passed away in the early morning of Oct. 17.

Her grieving father, Niek van Keulen, posted the video to YouTube on Tuesday, writing: "My daughter Anna wanted to be famous. Now, she has suddenly died. Help her become famous by watching!"

The video went viral in the Netherlands and has since been viewed by millions of people all over the world. Reddit comments are full of condolences and words from people sharing their own emotional stories of loss.

Van Keulen followed up with a reaction to the response that the video has received: "It's overwhelming ... thanks all. Anna's goal is reached: she's famous."

The "fame" that Anna has gained through her tragedy can hopefully provide her parents with some sort of comfort that her short life left a legacy — connecting strangers and reminding us to pay attention to the music as it's being played — but it seems the van Keulens already knew to do that.