Father Shoots His Daughter’s Laptop For Posting a Mean Comment About Him on Facebook

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A North Carolina man was none too pleased with one of his daughter Hannah's Facebook posts. So instead of just telling her, he decided to tell the world exactly how he felt in a YouTube video. (Warning: This video contains strong language and content.) After already grounding Hannah for three months for what he refers to as a similar incident in the past, Tommy Jordan decided to take his disciplinary action to a whole new, more public level. Jordan uploaded a video of himself sitting in a lawn chair reading aloud his 15-year-old daughter's post and then shooting nine hollow-point rounds into her computer with his .45-caliber gun. Jordan, who is an IT consultant, says he discovered his daughter's post as he was upgrading her laptop with new software. In what Hannah apparently thought was a private post titled, "To My Parents," using profanity-laced language, she complains of all of the chores she has to do and says she ought to get paid for it. She further complains about having to balance her school work and all her chores. In the eight-minute video titled "Facebook Parenting: For the Troubled Teen," Jordan explains how hard his life was growing up, and he seems particularly frustrated by his daughter's disrespect and tells her that he is disappointed. At the end of the video, Jordan tells his daughter that she can have a new laptop when she buys a new laptop after she repays him for the new software he had just downloaded. He later posted the video to his own Facebook profile as well as his daughter's, and it is blowing up on the Internet. The video has received more than 650 comments, 1,300 "likes," and 800,000 views on YouTube. Most people are applauding Jordan's approach to extreme parenting. One person wrote, "Can I shake your hand and buy you a beer?" and another person on Facebook commented, "loved your parenting technique."

Staying in the world of Facebook, let's turn to politics and that good ol' "like" button.

Turn on any television or visit almost any news site and you are bound to hear about the upcoming 2012 presidential election. Even if you have already decided who you plan to vote for, you may not want the world to know about it. Well it appears that it may be too late for Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to keep his political "likes" to himself. Wednesday night, Zuckerberg "liked" a post by Slate.com's tech columnist Farhad Manjoo. The post read, "Try, just try looking at the Romney logo without seeing the word MONEY" with a link to MittRomney.com. Due to what some perceive as a flaw in Facebook's design, a part of the field was omitted. So instead of showing that Zuckerberg "liked" Manjoo's status, it appeared that he was indeed endorsing Romney for president. It did not take long for hundreds of Zuckerberg's 11.4 million subscribers to begin commenting. Several people were very critical, with one person writing, "Shouldn't you be apolitical Mark?" While another stood up for Zuckerberg and wrote, "Mark is making fun of Romney, not endorsing him." Zuckerberg took down the notification, but still "liked" Manjoo's post. As for who he's endorsing for the White House, that is still unclear.