‘Friday the 13th’ Takes Twitter, Beck vs. McCain, and ‘Two and a Half Men’ Gets Punk’d

Adriana Diaz
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Happy Friday the 13th! The unlucky day is spiking on Yahoo! Search, and #friday13 is trending on Twitter. Some scared tweeters say they're going to spend the day in bed to hide from bad luck. These kinds of changes in behavior can have a national effect. Every Friday the 13th the U.S. economy loses an estimated $800 million to $900 million because some Americans stop normal habits like taking flights.

Radio host Glenn Beck and John McCain's daughter Meghan are trending on Twitter. The two are feuding over Beck pretending to throw up on his show after seeing a P.S.A. of Meghan McCain where she appears to be naked. The P.S.A. is to raise awareness for skin cancer, which both John and Cindy McCain have had. After getting wind of the fake throw up, Meghan McCain told her roughly 100,000 Twitter followers, "I am aware of Glenn Beck's show today - he's pathetic and extremely desperate for publicity if he's resorting to attacking my weight." She also wrote a scathing letter to the radio host in The Daily Beast. She opens by thanking him for bringing more awareness to skin cancer with his heckling.

If you're one of Ashton Kutcher's 6.6 million followers on Twitter, then you might have seen his cryptic tweet last night, "what's the square root of 6.25?" Pencils down! The answer is 2.5. Kutcher is reportedly replacing Charlie Sheen on the hit series "Two and a Half Men," launching Kutcher to Twitter's top trends list.

Do you think Kutcher can outdo Sheen on the hit sitcom? Do you think Glenn Beck went too far? Are you changing any of your daily habits this Friday the 13th? Leave a comment below or tell us on Facebook. And of course you can keep up with me all day on Twitter @AdrianaTweeting.