New Girl Scouts Cookie Fuels Debate about Which Cookie Reigns Supreme

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It is the first week of the new year, and some of you are probably doing a great job of sticking to that resolution of working out and eating more healthfully. Coincidentally, it's also Girl Scout Cookie season, so the battle of the bulge may be that much tougher for those of us who find the sugary delights hard to resist. 2012 marks the 100th year that the popular cookies are being sold. Annually, Girl Scout Cookie sales reach more than $714 million. This year, a new cookie has been added to the mix: the Savannah Smile. The newbie, named after Girl Scouts founder Juliette Gordon Low's hometown, is described as a lemon wedge cookie dusted in powdered sugar. People have debated for years about which cookie is the best. This month the most sought-after cookie, according to Yahoo! Search, is the Samoa, which gets almost double the number of searches as Thin Mints do. Further down the list are Shortbreads, then Tag-A-Longs and at the bottom, Do-Si-Dos. Although Samoas are the most-searched cookie, they are the second-most-purchased one. Samoas account for only 19 percent of sales, while Thin Mints are No. 1, accounting for 25 percent. As for the nutritional content, four Thin Mints total 160 calories, and there are eight servings of Thin Mints in a box. So the way I see it, if you pace yourself and can control that urge to finish them all in one sitting, you're still not doing too badly on sticking to your new year's resolution.

Now we move from cookies that could comfort you, to turning one person's trash into another person's treasure.

We've all been there -- after a not-so-nice breakup, you find something from your ex that you do not want to keep around anymore. Some people take the time to give it back to the ex, while others trash it or give it away. Why not profit from your loss? That's where a new website called "Never Liked It Anyway" can come to your rescue. The website describes itself as a place where "once loved gifts from once loved partners get a second chance." In addition to selling items at discount "break-up" prices, each listing includes the story behind the split. Almost anything you can imagine is listed for sale: boots, snorkeling gear, engagement rings, and even wedding gowns. One listing titled "I hope you're luckier than me," reads, "Although the dress was one of a kind, apparently he didn't think I was his one and only." The gown has a "real-world price" of $800, but a lucky bargain-hunter can claim it as her own for just $250. This site just goes to show you that one person's trash really can be another person's treasure. Plus, a little cold hard extra cash can always come in handy.