Grade-School Science Experiment Takes Balloon 10,000 Miles Across the World

Melissa Knowles
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A 6-year-old boy in England is still in disbelief after a science experiment he did with his class went remarkably well. Joshua Blackaby and his classmates at Wyndham Primary Academy, in the British town of Alvaston, released 300 helium-filled balloons in December.

The purpose of the project was to teach the children about geography and weather. Each balloon was tagged with the school's address and a student's name, hoping that whoever found the balloons would get in touch with the students so they could discover how far their balloons had traveled.

According to the school's coordinator, some of the students received letters from the Netherlands and even Denmark, but none received a response from as far away as Joshua did. He received a letter all the way from Kurrajong in New South Wales, Australia. The total distance from his school in Alvaston to the home in New South Wales where the balloon was found was 10,545 miles.

Joshua read the letter he received aloud to the class, "Hi, my name is Millie and I found your balloon in a tree in my back garden. I am very excited and pleased to send it back." Joshua said of the balloon's travels, "I can't believe it went all that way, I am looking forward to writing back to the girl."

The school is now in the process of looking for a weather expert to explain to the students just how Joshua's balloon took such an amazing trip.

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