Harvard Students Send Burger into Space

Many things, from dogs to monkeys to Lego figures, have been launched into the stratosphere. But five students from Harvard University wanted to send something that had never been there before: a hamburger.

B.good, a local hamburger chain, contributed $1,000 and the burger, which the friends attached to a 600-gram weather balloon, along with a video camera and a cell phone for GPS tracking. The enterprising crew actually bought the burger two days beforehand, varnished it, and superglued each layer together before screwing it to its pedestal. Footage shows the burger floating up through the clouds, reaching an altitude of nearly 100,000 feet. When the balloon finally bursts, the burger safely plummets back to Earth. The video has already received more than 100,000 views on YouTube.

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The students used GPS to locate their equipment, which was stuck in a tree 130 miles away from the launch site. After several unsuccessful attempts to get it down, a storm came through and did the job for them. Perhaps even more impressive, the burger remained intact. But, when the rig was recovered, the burger was nowhere to be found. The students surmise that it was probably eaten by a squirrel. That B.good burger sure has some special sauce. Have you heard of any unusual items being sent to space? Let us know on Facebook.com/TrendingNow, and follow Trending Now on Twitter: @YahooTrending.

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