Heartwarming Video Shows 1-Year-Old Girl Experiencing Rain for First Time

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Prepare yourself for two-and-a-half minutes of absolute cuteness as 15-month-old Kayden experiences rain for the first time.

Kayden's sister Nicole Byon filmed the experience in December and uploaded the video to Vimeo on Jan. 30. It already has two million views. The piece is set to Jon Foreman's track "In My Arms."

The video starts off with Kayden walking outside to her front lawn and then coming back to her family. Curious as to how the rain feels, Kayden returns to the lawn and driveway. For the remainder of the video, the toddler continuously holds her hands out to feel the rain while smiling, laughing, and exclaiming "Wow!"

Nicole offers her little sister an umbrella, but Kayden clearly would rather just play in the rain. Nicole then tries to bring her inside, but to no avail: Kayden quickly turns around in the doorway and walks back outside.

There are about a hundred comments on the video, and you can't scroll down without consistently seeing the words "cute" and "beautiful." Many Vimeo users stated that watching the video made their day and reminded them of enjoying life's simple things. Some were moved to tears; others hoped that their children might one day have a similar reaction.

Nicole has a couple of other videos on her account. With the popularity of "Kayden + Rain," she brought back another video, which documents the day Kayden was born, a year ago December. The video shows the Byon family excitedly welcoming their new sister. It might also explain Kayden's seemingly inherent sunny disposition, regardless of the forecast.