Heartwarming Video Shows Young Man with Down Syndrome Opening College Acceptance Letter

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The holidays aren’t the only thing that can bring anxiety to families’ front doors this time of year. Responses to college applications have begun to hit mailboxes across the country. Envelopes from higher learning institutions carry the decisions to where these students will continue on their path to a career.

Sometimes lost in the commotion of college acceptances and rejections is the opportunity to simply attend a university. For others, the chance to earn a college degree isn’t a given. A video that is going viral to the tune of almost a million views will remind you of that.

Meet 20 year-old Rion Holcombe. His dream is to attend college. His mother Susan filmed her son opening a letter received from Clemson University. At first, it seems that he has difficulty reading it. Then the response from Clemson is read to him.

“Congratulations!” the letter stars. “[We are] please to inform you for your acceptance in to the Clemson LIFE program for the fall of 2014.”

“I got accepted?” Rion shockingly asks. “They said yes?”

They sure did. According to its website, the Clemson LIFE program “is designed for students with intellectual disabilities who desire a postsecondary experience on a college campus.” Through classes, internships, and community participation, the two-year program aims to aid in the preparation for a career. The students live on campus with supervision and take part in student organizations and activities.

“Yes!” the future college student exclaims when asked what his response to the letter will be. “Oh my gosh! That’s crazy!”

As soon as Holcombe realized that he was going to be a Clemson Tiger, he couldn’t stop smiling. Who could blame him?