High-Jumpin’ Cat May Be Best Feline Goalie Ever

Melissa Knowles
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It seems as if almost weekly now, there's a new cat video that captures our attention. This time it's a cat known as Nyasuke. This Japanese cat is getting worldwide recognition for his amazing jumping talent, and he's been featured on a number of YouTube videos that show off his skills.

In one video, Nyasuke is trying out his paws at a new sporting talent -- goaltending. This is one of his more popular videos, because he gets in the downward-facing dog (I guess it's actually cat in this instance) yoga position, and he eagerly waits to pounce on the miniature soccer ball that his owner launches into the air. Effortlessly, Nyasuke blocks the ball from getting beyond his reach.

In yet another video, Nyasuke demonstrates his jumping prowess. This video, which has received more than 1.9 million views, shows just how high he can jump. Commenters on YouTube are impressed by the slow-motion effect of Nyasuke jumping up to 196 centimeters to knock down a fake mouse attached to a string that hangs from the ceiling. One person implied that Nyasuke must have a corporate sponsor, writing, "Red Bull must support him."

If you just cannot get enough of Nyasuke, his owner maintains a blog detailing his adventures and skills. You'll have to be able to read Japanese in order to understand the writing, but the pictures are universally cool.

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