Hillary Clinton Submits Hilarious Response to Viral ‘Texts From Hillary’ Blog

Melissa Knowles
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Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has shocked the world by responding to a superviral blog, and she's having fun with it. If one of the highest ranking officials in the U.S. government got her own Tumblr page, what would it look like? No need to guess. If you're one of the millions of people who had the link to the blog Texts from Hillary sent to you, you're already familiar with the fake blog about what Clinton might say in texts to famous politicians and celebrities.

It all began with a photograph of Clinton wearing a power suit with dark sunglasses as she sat checking her cell phone onboard a military aircraft. The Tumblr page was created by Adam Smith and Stacy Lambe as a joke to poke fun at the now infamous picture. The original blog featured faux text exchanges between Clinton and people like Oprah, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, and GOP candidate Mitt Romney.

Well, the Texts from Hillary blog received an unexpected submission from the secretary herself. She wrote, "sup Adam. nice selfie Stace :-)." Clinton also added, "ROFL @ ur Tumblr! g2g--scrunchie time. ttyl?" The former first lady signed the post, 'Hillz,' thanked the duo for the 'LOLZ' and even invited them to her office.

According to Lambe and Smith, Clinton's favorite faux post was one from actor Ryan Gosling, 'Hey girl.'

All of this attention Clinton is getting from the Web and in pop culture could be good news for her, because she is rumored to be a favorite for the democratic candidate nominee in 2016.


Ian Usher gained international fame in 2008 when he sold his entire life on eBay after his wife left him. Usher made about $300,000 from the sell of his car, his house, and his toys.

Usher is back in the news again, but this time for turning the negative into a positive. After he  wrote a book about his experience, titled "A Life Sold," Usher decided that he wanted to travel the world and complete 100 life goals in 100 weeks. Along the way, he has visited dozens of countries while documenting it on his blog, 100goals100weeks.com. Each week, he checks off a new goal including: cage diving with sharks in South Africa, running with the bulls in Spain, visiting the Grand Canyon, and meeting his idol, Richard Branson.

One of Usher's unofficial goals was to find romance. He succeeded in that too. He now has a girlfriend, Moe.

As for attaining his goals, he's now 93 weeks into his journey and living on his very own Caribbean island. Not only is he completing his very own real-life bucket list, but we may all get to see it on the big screen one day. Disney has bought the rights to his life story and may make a movie about him.