Homeless Veterans Intervene to Save Robbery Victim

Two homeless veterans are being called heroes for coming to the rescue of a robbery victim in Cincinnati, Ohio. When pawnbroker Gary Wagner was attacked by an assailant outside near a parking lot, David Hale and Chad McClain stepped in to wrestle the two men apart. Hale stayed by the victim while McClain ran after the attacker and prevented him from escaping by standing in front of his car until police arrived.

McClain, who is currently homeless, and Hale, who was living on the streets until recently, did not know each other at the time of the incident. Hale was featured in a video making a statement about the incident: "We're people, too, just like everybody else. The reason we helped ... we would hope that someone would do the same for us if we were in the same situation." Hale continues, "Everybody out there is somebody's mother, father, brother, sister — somebody's family member." He hopes that anyone who sees something wrong happening to someone will do the right thing and step in.

The suspect from the robbery, 45-year-old Louis Stevenson, is being held on $250,000 bond and charged with robbery and obstruction. Wagner, the victim in the violent attack, was grateful the two men stepped in to help him when they did. Wagner also wants to do something to thank the two men.

Josh Spring, who is the director of the greater Cincinnati Homeless Coalition, spoke to the lesson that the incident teaches, saying, "So often we are incorrectly taught to be afraid of people experiencing homelessness. Hopefully, the heroic actions of these two people will help to undo our negative stereotypes."

It just goes to show you: You never know where help will come from when you're in a time of need.

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