Hugh Jackman proves he’s a superhero in real life

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Hugh Jackman has once again shown us that he isn’t just a superhero on the big screen.

The actor surprised a 9-year-old “Wolverine” superfan named Domenic, who has cystic fibrosis, while he was on the Australian radio program “The Kyle and Jackie O Show.”

The hosts told Domenic he would be able to talk to Jackman on the phone — but he didn’t know the action star was actually hiding in another room.

“Hey Hugh, we’ve got Domenic here, who is one of your biggest fans,” Jackie told Jackman on the phone. “He’s a young boy who thinks ‘Wolverine’ is just awesome, and that you’re great.”

“What’s your favorite ‘Wolverine’ action pose?" Domenic asked Jackman over the phone.

“My favorite action pose? Well, he’s got a lot of cool poses,” Jackman replied. “Hang on one sec, mate, ’cause I’m going to find a really cool way to show you.”

The 46-year-old actor ran into the room and struck a “Wolverine” pose before giving Domenic a really big hug.

Jackman stayed and chatted with his young fan about his favorite line in the “X-Men” movies. Just try not to smile while watching the heartwarming interaction between Domenic and Jackman.

The visit was organized by the Make-a-Wish Foundation.