Incredible Video Shows How Boulders Demolished a 300-Year-Old Italian Farmhouse

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Miraculously, no one was injured when three enormous boulders rolled down a hill and leveled a 300-year old house in Tramin, Northern Italy.

Drone footage captured the aftermath of the 4,000-cubic-meter rock fall. Two boulders leveled the barn, and then a third stopped just short of the living quarters and a car parked outside, sparing those inside.

It is believed that a rock tower that crumbled caused the accident. The property, which lies below a cliff, is owned by the Servite order of the Catholic Church. Philipp von Hohenbühel, who runs the Freisingerhof estate, estimates to Südtirol News that the boulders caused millions of dollars in damage.

The landslide occurred on Jan. 21. However, aerial video of the property did not make its way on to YouTube until Monday. It already has almost a half million views. In the four-and-a-half-minute piece, the route that the boulders took from the top of the hill through the vineyard is clearly visible. What looks like two parallel dirt roads separate a forest area that was previously full of trees.

While much of the property is already destroyed, the destruction might not be finished. Italian geologists believe another 500 to 600 meters of rock could break loose from the cliff.

The property has since been evacuated. Authorities also cleared surrounding areas; however, some people have since been allowed to return to parts farther away from where the boulders broke free.