Interview with Author Who Received Humorous Cease and Desist Letter From Jack Daniel’s

Kentucky-based writer Patrick Wensink knows it isn't easy to get a book published these days. If you're lucky enough to do so, you still face the challenge of getting people to read it. No small feat. Lazy Fascist Press, an indie publishing house without a major marketing budget to lavish on the title, published Wensink's satirical novel "Broken Piano for President" in February. This week the book got a significant PR boost from an unexpected source. The book's black and white cover image is similar in design and feel to the label of a Jack Daniels bottle, you see. It came to the attention of Jack Daniels' parent company just now, and Wensink received an unusually courteous and pleasant cease-and-desist letter that promptly went viral.

We spoke with Wensink about the effect the letter has had on book sales, whether or not he drinks JD, and the plans in progress for the new cover art. Australian artist Matthew Revert, who was responsible for the original image, has been tasked with the revise.

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