Is This Goat Talking?

Is This Goat Talking?
Mia Fitzharris

In August, Lyndsey Hyde of Tennessee posted a video to Vine featuring a goat that sounds like it is saying "What? What? What?" The 6-second clip went viral with more than 7 million views on the video-sharing app.
Now Lindsey's stepfather, Dusty Belew, is giving the people what they want: more talking goat. Belew uploaded the full video of the inquisitive human-sounding goat to YouTube, and it is everything we wanted it to be.
This video reminds us of Mishka the talking husky, who skyrocketed to Internet stardom when a video of her "talking" went viral. In the video it sounds like she is saying "I Love You" to her owners, who prompt the dialogue.
OK, there's still one lingering question, though: What does the fox say?