Is This the First Whole Foods Marriage Proposal?

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Is This the First Whole Foods Marriage Proposal?

It was love at first sight, or perhaps checkout, for a South Florida couple.

Vladimir Romannikov proposed to his girlfriend Monica Dehombre in the Coral Gables Whole Foods, a year after they met at the store. Romannikov first saw his bride-to-be looking over kombucha tea labels. Dehombre was reading them intently.

"I didn't even notice him," she admitted to WSVN-TV in Miami. "He was following me around the whole store, and we get to cash register two and he was like, 'So you shop all organic, huh?'"

Not the most captivating pickup line, but it worked. The two struck up a conversation, walked to their cars together, and began dating.

A year later, Romannikov called Whole Foods and asked them if the store could help out with his proposal. The supermarket obliged.

"There was an announcement saying, 'Attention customers: Monica and Vladimir please report to register two,'" Dehombre recalled. "Then we started walking, and I heard John Legend's 'All of Me,' my favorite song, playing."

By now, she knew that the purpose of this Whole Foods visit was not to pick up yucca cheese rolls, as Romannikov had told her. He got down on bended knee among store workers, customers, and rose petals placed where else: register two.

She said yes, and you could say the couple found everything they were looking for on this trip to the grocery store, and then some.