Jack Daniel’s Lawyer Cease and Desist Letter Goes Viral

It's customary for big companies to protect their brands and to use lawyers to tamp down any trademark-infringement issues. It's not customary to do so in a gentlemanly fashion. But when lawyers for Jack Daniel's, the whiskey brand, sent author Patrick Wensink a cease-and-desist letter regarding the cover art for his book "Broken Piano for President," the remarkably cordial tone of the letter stood out. The cover of Wensink's book resembles the iconic black-and-white Jack Daniel's label. The lawyer who penned the letter, Christy Susman, eschewed the threats-and-venom route and, instead, took the path of sweetness and light. The company even offered to reimburse Wensink for the cost of changing the artwork in question. The letter went viral and has been called "the greatest cease-and-desist letter ever." No word yet on Susman's future writing career, but as for Wensink, he says he is planning on complying with the order -- but he and his publisher won't accept the money. We're going to find out why when we talk to him on tomorrow's episode of Trending Now. Come back here to find out.

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