JetBlue Helps Arrange Perfect Proposal at 30,000 Feet

JetBlue Helps Arrange Perfect Proposal at 30,000 Feet

What do a smitten boyfriend, an engagement ring, and a super-accommodating airline have in common? They all worked together to pull off the ultimate wedding proposal for one very lucky girl.

Adam, from San Francisco, asked JetBlue Airlines to play a proposal video for his girlfriend, Taryn, during their flight together to Long Beach, California. The airline was happy to oblige the young man. They even kicked it up a notch by playing the video simultaneously on all 150 TVs on the plane.

In the video, Adam details how he first met Taryn when she was a hostess at a P.F. Chang's restaurant and he was a server there. He says that at first they did not get along, because Taryn thought he was arrogant. He later persuaded her to go to his birthday celebration and then to the lake. Finally, he asked her out on a first date. That was all in 2008. As the video continues, a montage of pictures from their five years together plays. Then these words appear: "You are the girl I think about. You are the girl I dream about. You are the girl I can't be without." Adam then lists all of Taryn's qualities that he loves. Of course, he follows with the big question, "Will you marry me?"

Taryn gave an emotional and tear-filled yes to Adam, and the excitement did not end there.

They were immediately greeted by fellow passengers who applauded the young couple's new engagement, and flight attendants passed out cake pops to celebrate. Once the two landed, the surprises continued. JetBlue arranged for an impromptu party with Champagne, cake, and cheers from several staff members.

JetBlue posted on its website the video of the proposal and a description of how it got involved to help Adam and Taryn get engaged. In its blog, "Blue Tales," JetBlue describes its people as "suckers for a good love story." The airline said that eight departments collaborated to create the once-in-a-lifetime moment for the couple.

Isn't it just awesome to see when a company will go above and beyond to make customers happy? Best wishes to the newly engaged couple!

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