John McAfee May Be Captured After Digital Error

Melissa Knowles
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John McAfee, the millionaire founder of the computer virus protection tool bearing his name, has been on the run from authorities for just under a month. McAfee is wanted for questioning in the slaying of his neighbor Gregory Faull in Belize. McAfee has proclaimed his innocence. In fact, some have labeled McAfee's case as one of the most bizarre stories of international intrigue in recent memory.

McAfee's location may have been accidentally revealed, and he may be forced to finally face authorities. Twitter is credited with first breaking the news. On Monday, Vice magazine posted a story on its website titled "We are with John McAfee Right Now, Suckers." Included with the story is a picture of McAfee and Vice Editor-in-Chief Rocco Castoro. The image was taken with an iPhone and never stripped of its Exif data, information attached to an image that reveals the time it was taken, and, unfortunately for McAfee, the geographical location.

Due to this lapse in judgment, it's not difficult to figure out McAfee's exact location when the photo was taken -- the Nana Juana resort across the border from Belize in Guatemala. Also on Monday, McAfee posted a blog update saying he had changed the Exif data in order to fool Vice magazine and any authorities who may be looking for him.

Today, McAfee removed that blog post and replaced it with another one, saying that the location was, in fact, correct. He blamed the reveal of his location on an "unseasoned technician at Vice headquarters." McAfee said in his latest post that he will be meeting with Guatemalan authorities this morning and that he will likely do a press conference soon.

So it now seems that McAfee's life on the run may come to a screeching halt -- all thanks to a simple digital photo. Ironic for a man who built his fortune on technology.

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