Kid Executes Epic Gymnastics Move During Gym Class Dodge Ball Game

For many high schoolers, the mere mention of dodge ball brings a feeling of either excitement or downright fear. People who are good at the game find it to be a real treat, and one kid in a new hit YouTube video may have just mastered the perfect dodge ball move.

The match being played in "Insane Dodgeball Kill" looks standard enough. Kids run around the gym and throw the ball at their targets, while others try to dodge it to avoid being hit or catch the ball to eliminate players from the other team. But then there's a young man who steps up and does the kind of acrobatic move that only a true dodge ball master could pull off. The amazing dodge-and-shot is accomplished by a move known as a gainer, in which the player moves forward while simultaneously doing a backward somersault. The guy on the receiving end of the ball tries to catch it but fails.

The video is racking up hits on YouTube after making it to the front page of social news site Reddit. Some people on YouTube seem impressed by the young man's skills. One commenter wrote, "I almost couldn't believe what I was seeing. Literally amazed." Another added, "This is why you don't let ninjas play dodgeball."

Not sure if the guy who pulled off the move was a ninja in a former life, but he could certainly teach us all a thing or two about distracting the opponent .

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