L.A. Screenwriter Chronicles 365 Consecutive Days of Conquering His Fears

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Country singer Tim McGraw's lyrics in his hit "Live Like You Were Dying" encourages people to take advantage of every day that they live by living it fearlessly. How close have any of us really come to doing just that? Meet L.A. screenwriter Greg Tung. He set out to conquer his fears, taking the famous words of Eleanor Roosevelt who once said, "Do one thing every day that scares you," literally.

Tung just completed 365 consecutive days of doing something that scared the daylights out of him. Here are some of the fears that Tung chose to overcome: spend the day in solitary confinement; have a first kiss in a public place; talk to that cute girl in yoga; eat a live octopus. Tung conquered yet another fear by uploading a video of himself onto YouTube doing many of the scary things. So far, his video has more than 88,000 views and people are comparing it to real-life bucket list.

Tung chronicled every one of his fears on his blog scareyourselfeveryday.com, writing that there is satisfaction in confronting his fears. In his final blog entry, Tung offered this advice: "When you do a scary thing, you discover you're stronger than you thought ... and those things? They're almost never as bad as you think."

For the most part, people on social media are impressed with Tung's experiment, calling it "great" and calling him "an inspiration."


Who among us has not been mistaken for someone else? Usually the person we're mistaken for does bear a slight resemblance. Over the weekend, Blondie singer Debbie Harry emerged from New York City's Mercer Hotel, and paparazzi instantly began taking her picture. Harry is a musical icon, so it's no shock that photographers would be interested in snapping pictures of her. But the reason they swarmed her is what has some people amused.

According to the New York Post, the paparazzi confused 66-year-old Harry with 25-year-old Lindsay Lohan. In a side-by-side comparison, with both ladies sporting platinum blond hair, aviator sunglasses, and dark hooded jackets, they look a lot alike. Plus, just two days before, Lohan stepped out of the Mercer wearing a similar outfit. So besides the four-decade age difference, the two ladies could easily be perceived as the other in a quick glance.

On social media, people are calling the mistaken identity "embarrassing" for Lohan, while others are saying how great Harry looks and that Lindsay should feel "lucky" for being mistaken for the icon.