Laughing Dad Films Students Falling on Ice Outside of School

Laughing Dad Films Students Falling on Ice Outside of School

A video of a parent secretly filming kids slipping and falling outside of a middle school is drawing mixed reactions.

In the clip, a father identified as "Alan" films students walking over an icy patch on a sidewalk at Indianola Middle School in Indianola, Iowa. He records almost six minutes of video. Every time a kid approaches the ice, he begins to predict if he or she will fall. It happens most of the time, and when the kid hits the sidewalk, the dad begins to laugh.

"OK, we've got another kid coming. He's going a little fast," the parent explains in the video, almost giving play-by-play and color commentary of the situation. "If he turns here, he's going to drill it."

Sure enough, down goes the kid, and the parent in his car finds it hysterical.

Some kids manage to hit the ice without falling, and no one seems to be seriously injured. A few kids definitely appear to fall harder than others, though.

About three minutes into the clip, a girl who is presumably his daughter jumps in the car. They continue to sit at the corner, filming and laughing as people slip and fall.

"We're kind of bad people," she says as they both break out laughing over another kid who hits the ground.

The person who uploaded the original video has since deleted it from YouTube. However, a number of reposts are still available online. Opinions of the clip range from, "Brilliant - it's the timing of knowing who's going to fall," to "Am I the only one who finds this creepy? Why is this guy sitting in his car filming young children walking home from elementary school?"

A request for comment sent to Dr. Michael Teigland, superintendent of the Indianola School District, went unanswered as of press time.

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