Lesbian Bride Rejected By Bridal Salon, Celebrity Sends Warning Tweet Before Stage Collapse, and Social Media Dominates Dictionary Additions

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Outrage is spreading across the web after a New Jersey bridal salon refused to sell a wedding dress to a lesbian. Bride-to-be Alix Genter had crossed out "groom" and wrote in "partner" on the store's paperwork. She then received a voicemail from the manager of the "Here Comes The Bride" store that said, "what you are describing on this paperwork is illegal and we do not participate in any illegal acts." Click here to listen to the voicemail posted by Philly.com. Even though the wedding is set to take place in New York, where same sex marriage is now legal, gay marriage is not legal in New Jersey. When recounting her exchange with the manager, Genter told The Philadelphia Daily News, "she also said that I came from a nice Jewish family, and that it was a shame I was gay. She said, 'There's right, and there's wrong. And this is wrong.'" Twitter is on fire with support for Genter. The outrage has spread to the business review site Yelp.com, where hundreds have added new negative reviews of "Here Comes The Bride," plummeting the store's ratings to one star out of five. What do you think about the store's refusal? Tell me on Facebook.com/AdrianaDiazNews and Twitter @AdrianaTweeting

An outdoor stage at Belgium's Pukkelpop music festival collapsed under heavy storms yesterday, killing at least five, and injuring hundreds. Despite the tragedy, Twitter might have saved some lives. Right before the collapse, "30 Seconds to Mars" singer Jared Leto tweeted storm warnings to his 580,000 followers, saying, "not sure we will be able to go on stage - stayed tuned. Safety first." After the storm hit, the hashtag #hasselthelpt (the festival was near the town of Hasselt) was used around Belgium to help victims of the storm. Earlier this week, an outdoor stage at the Indiana State Fair collapsed under heavy winds, killing five people and injuring 45 more.

And finally, the Concise Oxford English Dictionary has added more than 400 new words to the English language. Many of the new additions come from social media and web slang. Terms like "retweet" (re-publising someone's tweet), "cyberbullying" (online bullying), "woot" (an expression of elation), and even "sexting" (sending lewd photos via text message), are all official according to Oxford. For Facebook and Twitter fans, the words "follower" and "friend" now have expanded definitions. So technically saying, "Friend me on facebook and I'll retweet you later" is proper English (but really, guys, friend me at Facebook.com/AdrianaDiazNews ;) Earler this year "LOL" (laugh out loud) and "omg" (Oh My God) were added to the Oxford English Dictionary. To make room for new additions, Oxford has to dump other words. So who didn't make the cut? You can longer find "brabble" (a paltry noisy quarrel) in the Oxford English Dictionary. Shucks.


1. Gregory M: "I went on a date once where she brought her boyfriend along. It was the fourth date we'd gone on and she never mentioned him. Moreover, I knew him.

2.. Dennis: "A friend set me up with a girl and then took off with her on the date right in the middle of the date with me."

3. Scott: "Me and the young lady I was with was shooting pool. I racked the balls and went to break, but she was standing directly behind the racked balls. Knowing that sometimes the cue ball can become airborn, I suggested she move over by the corner pocket, well when I broke the cue ball it became airborn and hit her directly on her sternum knocking the wind out of her. She thought I did it on purpose and insisted I take her home after she could breath again"

4. Misty: "It was a blind date - we went first to a wine tasting and then to dinner. He had too much to drink - started squalling at the table at diner over his recent divorce - he made quite a scene - surrounding patrons no doubt thought I was super #$%$ because he's crying so pathetically at our table. Worst date ever!"

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