Man adopts dog, becomes viral sensation

Mia Fitzharris
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On Saturday, the Pet’s Haven Animal Shelter near Melbourne posted a Facebook photo of a cute pup named Raffa and his newly adoptive dad, Ben Henderson. It was meant to bring attention the shelter’s open-adoption day, but Facebookers just couldn’t help but fall in love with Ben. The photo quickly took on a new life. There were thousands of likes and hundreds of comments from people asking where they could adopt Ben. One person added, “I'll adopt him…and the dog too.”
And then, of course, a meme was born:

Pet's Haven Foundation

The unexpected exposure might be behind the fact that 30 animals were adopted over the weekend from Pet’s Haven. And just to clear up any confusion on whether or not Ben is adoptable …  his fiancée, Alisha Howell, added a comment to the original post with a photo of her ring, along with the warning, “Sorry ladies he put a ring on it. Haha”
What about Raffa? Well, Ben filled his fans in, writing, “The most important thing is the little guy is settling in nicely. Lucky I was working in the area that day.”
Not since “Alex from Target” has the web wrapped its arms around a random good-looking man and held on for dear life.