Man Creates DIY 300-Foot Water Slide

Henry Baker
·Henry Baker
Man Creates DIY 300-Foot Water Slide
Man Creates DIY 300-Foot Water Slide

If you have the land, time, parts, and river to spare, you might have new plans this weekend after watching a video showcasing Derek Salamanca's latest project.

The Petersburgh, New York, native built a water slide to the tune of 300 feet in length. The homemade slip 'n' slide features a jump, wall ride, and drop-off into a river. After devising the plan and creating the luge, Salamanca filmed a combo first-person ride/how-to video with a GoPro camera.

"First off, I only spent $65 on this," Salamanca reveals. "It took me and my friends 40 hours."

And Salamanca, who has uploaded a number of videos documenting his DIY and adventurous exploits, says he could have finished it in a day with a little more help.

As for the money figure, a combination of crafty thinking and generous people helped keep his cost low. The only supply he paid for was a 100-foot roll of plastic. From there, he found ways to obtain cardboard, palettes, and other items for free. His mom chipped in with a few rakes and shovels, along with letting him use her land. Stores that were discarding the aforementioned cardboard and palettes in the morning gave them to Salamanca.

Of course, his instructional video on the slide carries a caution.

"Obviously, it's at your own risk," Salamanca says. "I don't take any responsibly for your stupidity."

With that, he breaks down the logistics of the slide, from digging a deep-enough "V" to putting cardboard down throughout the run; both aid in stabilization and speed.

The final thing you'll have to do is convince someone with this amount of land bordering on a river to allow you to build it. But you're on your own there.