Man from Canada Goes on Journey to Find His Missing Fiancée in Philippines

It's hard to imagine any story out of the typhoon-ravaged Philippines having a happy ending, but boy do we have one for you. Houssam Hammoudi of Canada knew his fiancée, Grace Acojedo, was in the Philippine city of Ormoc when Typhoon Yolanda (known as Haiyan in the U.S.) hit, but he could not get in touch with her. So Houssam set out on a journey to find Grace. First he flew to a nearby island and then took a ferry to Ormoc.

When he got to the area near Grace's home, he saw that it was in ruins. Her family home, the green one in the photo below, was destroyed.

Houssam luckily found Grace in a nearby clinic — she was alive!

The coast guard agreed to ferry the pair to a hospital in the neighboring Philippine province Cebu. Once at the hospital, they learned Grace's injuries were worse than they thought. She would need several surgeries, including one to save her leg from amputation.

Houssam is still at the hospital as Grace receives treatment. Houssam has been keeping an update of Grace's condition on a Tumblr blog, "Operation Saving Grace." Grace was strong enough to record a video in which she thanks everyone for their support.


To help Grace and Houssam, who has been paying out of pocket for Grace's treatment, visit this PayPal link.