Man Joins Strangers' Cell Phone Conversations in 'Cell Phone Crashing at the Airport'

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Greg Benson is doing us a huge service. No, he isn't risking his life for our safety. But still, someone needs to combat the behavior of people talking loudly on their cell phones.

Well, think twice before deciding to gab at an ungodly decibel while in public. Benson is notorious on YouTube for "crashing calls"; he sits down next to someone having a conversation and starts responding to their end of the chat. The comedian pulled off his latest prank inside Terminal 4 at Los Angeles International Airport. The video is going over well, with a cool half a million views in 24 hours. Even some of the video's subjects have a sense of humor about it.

"I'll text you," one woman says to someone on the other line. Benson, sitting right next to her at the terminal, says, "Great, text me. Text me and I'll text you back," into the phone he's holding. By this point, the woman is laughing over the situation. They hang up one after the other before she asks, "Were you listening to my conversation?"

"No, no!" Benson insists. "I was on the phone with my buddy."

Eventually Benson fesses up, pointing to the hidden camera that his wife is operating nearby.

Loud talkers in an airport are officially on notice. Now Greg, can you do anything about this FCC proposal to allow in-flight calls?