Man Makes Thrilling Movie Trailer to Propose to Girlfriend

If you were to compare a marriage proposal to a film plot, you would probably expect it to be more like a romantic comedy than a suspense filled thriller. However, one young man in Poland turned that idea on its head when he created a suspenseful movie trailer to pop the question to his girlfriend.

The man mixed in clips from 'The Grey' and 'The Bourne Ultimatum' to splice together his own preview, which he then showed to his girlfriend -- who thought she was simply going to catch a movie with friends -- and the audience. Even though the woman had to cover her eyes during parts of the trailer because of the suspense, she began to catch on to the point of the whole thing before her boyfriend walked into the theater to propose.

The man got down on one knee and professed his love for his girlfriend in front of the crowd of moviegoers. Even if you don't speak Polish, the young man's elaborate plot seems to have been a success. The young woman wraps her arms around him after he gets up from one knee and is crying -- pretty sure those are tears of joy.

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