Man Reunited with Wallet Lost at Bottom of Lake 15 Years Later

If you misplace your wallet constantly, listen up! It can still make its way back to you -- even 15 years later. Don Golightly lost his wallet in 1997 while cliff jumping into Utah's Flaming Gorge Reservoir. Why he didn't just take his wallet out of his pocket is a story for another time. Golightly understandably figured that looking for it was a lost cause, and he figured he'd never see it again. Last Saturday, an unexpected visitor proved him wrong. A young man showed up at his house with the wallet, which he'd found while scuba diving in the Flaming Gorge. The wallet contained partly intact cash, some tarnished loose change, and an old driver's license. Luckily, Golightly hadn't moved in 15 years. The diver posted about his adventure on Reddit, where the tale has become a huge hit. One commenter noted that Golightly could send the cash to the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing and recoup the value. Perhaps the diver will share in the riches.

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