Man Sues White Castle Over Booth Size and Harvest Moon Shines On The Web

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Even though we live in a supersized world, bigger is not always better. One devoted White Castle customer is suing the restaurant chain because he can't fit into the restaurant's booths. Martin Kessman, who weighs 290 pounds, complained to management for more than two years after repeatedly knocking his knee into the tables' metal supports. After the 64-year-old New York stockbroker sent a series of letters of complaint to the chain, he received what he called condescending responses. White Castle sent him free hamburger coupons and promised that it would expand its booth sizes. But the booths were never changed and Kessman is now taking his case to federal court. He is suing for bigger chairs and unspecified damages because he says the eatery is violating the Americans with Disabilities Act. (He compares himself to pregnant women and the handicapped.) The lawsuit, however, has not put an end to Kessman's love of mini burgers. Now, instead of going to White Castle himself, he sends his wife.

If you looked at the sky last night you might have noticed things were a little brighter. People in the Northern Hemisphere got to marvel at this year's harvest moon. According to NASA, a harvest moon is a full moon that occurs when the angle between the moon's orbit and the earth's horizon is smallest, causing the moon to rise faster than normal. The harvest moon was named, before the use of electricity, for the special moon that gave farmers enough light to harvest their crops long after sunset. The harvest moon is so bright that stargazers can even see its craters without binoculars! Hundreds of people have uploaded pictures of the famous moon to Flickr and Twitter. Many also noted that this year the harvest moon fell on September 11. One person tweeted, "The cosmos gives 9-11 a beautiful tribute." Share your harvest moon pictures with us on Facebook and Twitter!